12 Oct 2011

Whoa, Pixie Lott shows off her freaking sweet body

Yeah, I can’t believe I’m doing a post on Pixie Lott either but this might be the sexiest photoshoot I’ve seen with her yet and I’ve thought you all need to gush over it. So.. here’s this uber cutie showing off her lovely little body in a variety of skimpy outfits for the newest collection from Lipsy and totally dropping our jaws in the process.

Wow, I’m not used to seeing Pixie Lott showing off her gorgeous curves like this but that’s exactly what she did in this photoshoot. Hot damn, check out those amazing legs, or that sexy cleavage or those sexy lips. Not only she sings pretty damn well but she also has the looks to impress us all.

And.. she’s not even showing off too much skin in this photoshoot. Add the fact that she’s also British and she’s just 20 right now and you got yourself a new and improved idea on how your next girlfriend should be. Enjoy the photos!

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