22 Nov 2010

Whoa, Katy Perry’s amazing cleavage bonanza!

Katy Perry Boobs 1

I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry or her music either but… apart from Christina Hendricks, I really don’t know if there’s any other babe in the whole world with a cleavage more stunning than hers. Whenever she brings her nice hipster boobs on display and makes all those funny faces it really turns me on and I’m sure you guys think the same.

So… we’ve decided it’s time to show you guys a mega-gallery with many, many photos of Katy Perry’s amazing cleavage and juicy things. These photos will make you say Katy Perry is boobtastic and… I have to hand it to her because she really is. I could watch those things bounce around on stage for hours and I’m sure every fan is more than pleased after going to one of her concerts.

I’d watch `em bounce with the sound off of course because listening to Katy Perry’s music isn’t quite a manly thing to do and might make you go insane. Anyway… we’d all love to get a detailed look of these juicy things but I guess these amazing cleavage shots should be just fine too. Enjoy!