26 Sep 2011

Whoa, Irina Shayk showing off her killer long legs

Here’s everyone’s favorite supermodel, Irina Shayk, looking absolutely stunning and unleashing her killer legs in this breathtaking photoshoot for XTi Shoes. Now this is a side that we’re not used to seeing when it comes to Irina, right? We’ve seen her in tiny bikinis and sexy lingerie more times than I can remember but I’ve never seen her modeling… shoes.

And normally I wouldn’t even be paying attention, but in these photos she’s getting our full and undivided attention thanks to those stunning legs. Now who would have thought that Irina Shayk could drop jaws when she’s modeling.. shoes and she’s not showing off her juicy cleavage? Then again… she’s a supermodel who probably looks amazing no matter what she’s doing or wearing.

There’s also a guy in some of these photos, totally ruining the gush fest you’re about to start but I’m sure most of you guys won’t even notice him around. That’s because your eyes will be busy checking out every inch of this girl’s perfect body. Enjoy!