19 Apr 2011

Whoa, Ancilla Tilia is being a major tease/turn on

I was checking out this morning PhillyD’s Monday show on Youtube and.. he mentioned somewhere in it this wonderful Dutch stunner named Ancilla Tilia who resembles Scarlett Johansson and she’s almost as drop dead gorgeous as her, if not even better! Gosh, ever her name seems tasty.

Since this girl is like a supernova of hotness I just knew you guys had to “meet” her as well and I had the best reason to spend the last two hours searching for more photos with Scarlett’s doppelganger! And… what I’ve found is beyond stunning. This girl loves to show off her bodacious curves and also likes to do fetish modelling which means your dreams are going to get a lot better from now on.

I’m pretty sure you all imagined Scarlett Johansson dressed up really sexy and being naughty and this girl does all that. And looks freaking sexy while doing it!! If I’d meet Scarlett right now, I’d tell her to move over because I actually want Ancilla Tilia, not some boring movie star who’s sexy once a month.

A couple of things about Ancilla before you get to the drooling part. This Dutch doll is pretty popular in her country where she’s been featured in many magazines already and she also has a website simply called DutchDoll.com. You’ll find more info about her right there.