17 Aug 2010

Wendy Braga is a scorching hot sight

Wendy Braga H 1

Here’s another Mexican hottie you’ve probably never heard of... Wendy Braga, a chick with many talents and the right curves in all the right places to make your Mexican lawn mowers go absolutely crazy! This peach is an actress from what I found out and until now she appeared in quite a lot of local soap operas.

I’m pretty sure she looks incredible on TV but the pics you’re about to see… now that’s what I’m talking about. These pics are hot enough to make your jaw hit the floor in a matter of seconds and if these aren’t enough to make you remember this girl’s name then I really don’t know what will.

Apart from looking stunning on TV and in magazines, this babe also loves ballet and dancing so… not only she looks great but she also knows the right moves to impress us all. I hope we’re going to see more of her in the future because… she’s definitely a treat for our eyes.

Anyway… here is Wendy Braga looking scorching hot for the Mexican mens magazine H Para Hombres. These pics are from February but who cares?