29 Dec 2010

Well hello there, Jessica Burciaga…

Jessica Burciaga White Bikini

Holy mother of Batman, there’s a new stunning photoshoot with one of our favorite hotties, Jessica Burciaga, shwoing off her bodacious curves in a tiny and sexy white bikini. If this won’t put you in a zombie-like state of drooling then I really don’t know what will.

One look at any of these sizzling bikini photos from this new photoshoot and you can see why I wanted you guys to see them and also why I like her so much, right? Good. This peach looks incredible no matter what she’s wearing but when you see her in bikinis you just know your day is going to be perfect.

Now I don’t want to waste your time with boring facts about Jessica Burciaga, because we all know a little about her, not when there are photos like these waiting to be clicked. So, take your time and enjoy these mesmerizing bikini photos and that mind blowing hand bra pose. Sweet!