17 Apr 2017

This Webcam Is So High-Tech, Your Grandparents Will See Your New Zit The Next Time You Chat!

Ever felt that your web cam is being left out of the modern age? You are not alone. Mine looks like a one-legged, big-headed robot, and it’s staring right at me. As in, right now. I swear, sometimes I get the jitters, like someone’s watching me from the other end and monitoring every single thing that I’m doing. My only salvation is the thought that it’s too old and too low-tech to be alienware.


But I’d rather not dwell on it, instead, let’s talk about this badass webcam that looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. It is so cool that even if it looks literally like a spy cam, it’s a-okay.

The Logitech Brio 4K Pro

This new creation by Logitech is the future of webcams. For starters it has the latest definition, 4K. To the uninformed, it’s way better than HD. How better? Way way. It’s the definition of crystal clear, and HD won’t look the same anymore after watching a 4K quality video.

Aside from 4K, it also comes with the HDR making sure that you’ll still be seen even in poor lighting. Worried about the bunch of dirty underwear hanging in “the chair”? No problem. This has three field-of-view options so you could limit what exactly your viewers are going to see.

And the final charm on top of everything? This camera only has five times zoom. No big deal.

I understand though that this camera is not for everybody, especially when you have to spend $200 to get it. If your grandnana is the only person you chat with and her eyes are too blurred to see the difference anyhow, then you might as well settle with your old one.

But if you’re a vlogger, you produce live streams, or you know, want the lady to see you in a whole new light on your next sexy long-distance date…then go ahead, and treat yourself to this awesomeness.