15 Nov 2013

We welcome back cute beach bunny Bar Paly

Hello there, gorgeous! Hey boys, how’s it hangin’?! Yeah, it’s Friday and nobody can refuse us the right to R&R; it’s been a tough week and I’m dead tired. Of course, we’re definitely not gonna rest, that’s for sure. And surely the drop dead gorgeous Israeli model Bar Paly is not making things any easier, flaunting her uber sexy body in these Beach Bunny sultry swimwear outfits. Daaaamn!

The weekend is meant for chillin’ out, but I’m instantly excited now that I’m gawking at this super cutie. This blonde peach has visited us before, and it seems her appearances are getting hotter every time. Obviously, we already knew she looks supremely delicious in bikinis, but hey.. couldn’t hurt to check her out again, right? I can’t deny myself a second taste of a scrumptious dish.

Guys will admit that Beach Bunny is always responsible for massive loss of quantities in bodily fluids – painful, i know – but also that the designers always choose amazing babes to show off their products. So, it’s safe to say Bar Paly is here to stay – and it rhymes; damn, I’m good! This freakishly hot mama will haunt us for years to come, so you better check your calenders. In the mean time, you’re free to thank me and enjoy the gallery below!