8 Aug 2017

Ways To Make A Lady Go Bananas For You

A woman’s body is truly a magical yet very complicated thing. You push all the right buttons, and her fruits are ripe for the picking. Push all the wrong ones and you might as well have sex with a rock, at least that’s easier to get to orgasm.

Ways To Make A Lady Go Bananas For You

But what does it really take to put a woman in the mood? Here are a couple of things that you might want to keep in mind to make your lady go bananas for you.

Admit That You’re Wrong

Okay, okay. I know that what we are talking right now is sex and not how to be an underdog, but you might be surprised on how admitting your mistakes can help your sex life. Read: SHE LOVES TO BE ALWAYS RIGHT, and being right means less stress and less tension. That means she’s more relaxed and more willing to cut you some slack when the next sexy might out comes.

Learn Her Language

Now ladies, please don’t take this the wrong way. I know that the “when I say no, I really mean yes” stereotype to ladies is wrong and an already outdated kind of thinking but hear me out. What I mean by this is for you guys to learn how to pick up her cues. Ladies have more factors to think about regarding sex. Pregnancy, morality, image, these are but a few things that can get complicatedly tangled up with sex. Hence, it is not really a big surprise if a lot of women find it hard to express themselves when it comes to sex.

So as her sexual partner, you need to learn how to pick up her cues. Her special sex language. And whatever you do, don’t shut her out. Don’t refuse her. Make her feel at ease to tell you when she wants it and how she wants it, and you’ll be thankful for that a hundred times later!

Tell Her There’s No Rush

Finally, no rush. Sex is an act of pleasure so there really is no reason to rush it. Seriously, the guys who love to cut their fun short are stupid. There, I’ve said it. A woman’s body takes time to warm up, and rushing things would pressure her and make it even more difficult for her to orgasm. This is also the reason why a lot of ladies opt to fake it instead just to get the deed over and done with. But a proper gentleman must learn how to wait. Besides, there’s no faster way to help a girl to orgasm than telling her to just relax, and take her time, because you have all the time in the world.