19 Jul 2013

Warning: Elisandra Tomacheski must be handled with care!

Here’s Brazilian bombshell Elisandra Tomacheski and her latest batch of Bare Necessities lingerie photos and.. I’ll be damned if you guys (and gals) are going to get any work done once you start clicking on the photos. Good lord, this girl is the definition of a “Brazilian bombshell” and after one look at any of these photos, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why I’m going to say that those curves are to die for.

We haven’t had the privilege to drool at this peach in a very, very long time, unleashing her extraordinary hotness; I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there just isn’t a better way to chill other than gawking at a couple of awesome photos with a Brazilian supermodel barely wearing any clothing. And when that Brazilian super hottie is my love Elisandra Tomacheski you just know it’s going to be a total gush fest.

Hot damn, I still can’t believe how ridiculously hot and perfect this peach really is. This girl has an amazing little body with more curves than a formula 1 track and she’s oozing so much sexiness from every inch of said body that it’s practically palpable; her rollercoaster curves and this sexy lingerie is probably a mix made in heaven. Elisandra looks mesmerizing and jaw dropping from head to toe here. And it’s not just this new photoshoot. This girl is smoking hot in every single photo you’ll find with her on the Internet, which is something that I can say about very, very few supermodels out there. Enjoy!