10 Oct 2012

Viola Schroder showing off her super sexy little curves

We’ll end this wonderful day with another gorgeous supermodel you probably don’t know yet, a German hottie who goes by the name Viola Schroder and looks ridiculously hot whenever she’s posing in sexy lingerie. After a quick Google search I’ve discovered that this girl is pretty popular in her native country and. I’ve also found out that she’s uber hot no matter what she’s wearing.

But today we’re going to focus on this girl’s body barely clothed, because I know that’s what we all want to see, right !? Here she is showing off her killer little body in a variety of hotness amplifying lingerie for a company called Bon a Parte. This is apparently a Dutch fashion company with pretty great taste in women since they’ve picked Viola to show off their lingerie.

Having said that, I’m going to let you guys enjoy these photos and appreciate the wicked little body that Viola Schroder has.