1 Apr 2010

Vikki Blows will actually blow your mind!

Vikki Blows Zoo 1

So today it’s April Fools’ Day and we were kind of busy this morning doing pranks and stuff but now we’re ready to bring you some awesome stuff. And we’ll start today with a stunning lingerie photoshoot made by Vikki Blows for the latest issue of Zoo magazine.

Now this babe looks like a sexy little minx and sure, she looks incredible in lingerie but she looks even better out of it. I think we never posted a pictorial with Vikki Blows here because we decided to keep this site safe for work and she usually likes to pose at least without her top on but these lingerie pics are good enough to realize how great she is.

If you want to find more pictures with Vikki, just Google her and you will be totally blown away by what you will find.