22 Sep 2017

How Video Games Can Affect Your Sex Life

A lot has been said against gamers and sex. I guess it’s just how we look at the nerds and geeks while growing up. The stereotypes, if you must. The jocks get all the glory. But now that we are released into the world, beyond our stereotypes, we suddenly learn the hard truth: that these labels are what they are – just labels and they don’t really mean anything. Being a popular jock during high school doesn’t really guarantee that you’re going to succeed in life, much so in bed.

How Video Games Can Affect Your Sex Life

In fact, a study has been released recently that gamers actually excel in bed. Allow me to explain. According to the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, gamers, or more specifically, those who play video games at least an hour a day are less prone to suffer from premature ejaculation as compared to those who don’t play video games at all.

The only down thing though is that they also found out that gamers have a lower sexual desire. Maybe due to their constant usage of their joy stick. But don’t worry, scientists say that more research is required in order to connect gaming with sex.

How about you? How many hours a day to you play video games? What’s your favorite game? Do you notice anything different with your sex life in relation with how often you play? I personally like playing games – Diablo II and III to be exact, more than a few hours on a regular basis. I don’t notice my sexual desire getting lower, nor do I have any problems in getting there (you know, before the expected time of arrival).

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