24 Nov 2009

Vida Guerra’s lingerie photoshoot will drop. Your. Jaw!

Vida Guerra Asstastic 1

Don’t know about you guys but I really think Vida Guerra is a bit overrated. She’s not that great looking, her face looks a bit weird and she’s obviously not as hot as Eva Mendes, Selma Hayek or Sofia Vergara for example. Those girls are voluptuous and real, this chick only flashes her big ass in every picture I’ve seen with her.

She’s probably one of the few women in the whole world who managed to become pretty famous only for having a big fat ass. She’s not one of the natural beauties that will make you gawk and remain speachless for a couple of minutes, she’s just a big butted woman who might be really attractive for those who love this kind of women. And well, there are many, many dudes around the world that think this chick is absolutely gorgeous.

I think she’s overrated, Photoshopped to hell in most pictures and probably average without any make-up, oil and with some clothes on. Anyway, Vida Guerra recently showed off her body and big booty for a lingerie Photoshoot. Guess how it’s called the lingerie line? You got it right, it has something to do with Vida Guerra‘s best feature and the lingerie is called “Asstatic“. I know some of you guys are really happy because we decided to post these pictures.