9 Mar 2012

Victoria Lee is a new adorably hot lingerie model

Alright mates, here’s another cutie you’ve probably never heard of, coming straight from Australia.. Now before you guys ask, I have absolutely no idea who Victoria Lee is, but she looks freaking cute and hot wearing sexy panties for Victoria’s Secret and that’s all that matters.

Apparently she’s just 21 right now and she’s ready to take over the world with her perfect little body, especially with that lovely little tush. Good god, is that perfect or what?? I can’t take my eyes off it. Actually, I can’t take my eyes off this girl because let’s face it, she’s really sweet and I’m pretty sure you’ll remember her name from now on thanks to these pics.

I loove Victoria’s Secret for shoots like these, where new girls we probably didn’t know yet drop our jaws by modeling sexy panties, rocking the hand bra pose and so on. Seriously, what’s not to love?