29 Oct 2012

Vicky Andren looks pretty damn sweet in lingerie!

Now this my friends… is what I call Swedish perfection !!! Here’s another blonde bombshell you probably don’t know yet, a super hottie who goes by the name Vicky Andren and probably looks exactly like the perfect girl from Sweden you’ve always dreamed of. Blonde, blue eyes, and a totally rocking body with the right curves in all the right places.. what’s not to love?

She’s looking sultry as hell and she’s teasing the hell out of us with a wonderful display of her hotness in this brand new lingerie photoshoot from Lindex. Wowzers, if these photos won’t make you remember this girl’s name from now on then.. I guess nothing will. This peach is so freaking adorably hot that you’ll even consider a small vacation to Sweden in the near future.

Vicky Andren managed to bring Sweden back on our hotness radar and I hope this will be just the first of many posts with this hottie on our site. Enjoy!