2 Dec 2010

Veronika London leads the daily links

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Julia Crown And One Vanilla Ice Cream Cone [BeerGoggler]
Hollywood is Dead Posters. Frightening? [CoolMaterial]
Top 20 Greatest Stripper Pole FAILs of 2010 [Ranker]
Damn, Sofia Vergara almost lost her bikini! [Don Chavez]
4 Ways to Look Cool While Staying Warm [CampusSocialite]
Sarah James in a sexy bikini will knock you out [Spewf]
Yup, Alyssa Milano is still ridiculously hot [Popoholic]
Beyond MILFs: 5 Lesser Known Hunter Sites [HolyTaco]
25 Horny TSA Agents Caught On Camera [Manofest]
Christina could kick you @$$…Oh yeah [BugeHoobs]
The 8 Manliest Foreign Movie Posters Ever [Cracked]

50 Hottest Fictional WAGs of All Time [BleacherReport]

21 Great Moments in Sports-Related Cleavage [TPS]