9 Feb 2012

Vancouver Canucks’ Henrik Sedin is a TANK

Henrik Sedin is a warhorse. This guy gets all of my respect. Possible fractured foot? Walking with a cast? No big deal. When you play 553 games in a row, you don’t stop for pain. You push through it, and you make plays. That’s what Hank the Tank did on Thursday for the Canucks in a dominant 5-2 win over the Wild.

He got a goal and played 16:07 minutes, which is less than normal, but still impressive for an injury. And hell, this isn’t even about keeping up the streak- you can tell Hank is in it for the team. This Captain knows the best way to lead a team. By example. In a great throwback to old school hockey, the Canucks took down the Wild to increase their record to a great 34-15-5, leading their division with 73 points. I tell you, this team is looking hot this year.

Schneider was solid in goal, with a respectable 22 for 24 saves and a .917 save percentage. Compare that to Backstrom, who let in 4 goals on 20 shots and you can get a good idea why this game went the way it did. Daniel Sedin didn’t let his brother steal the show, netting his 24th of the year.

Koivu had a disappointing return to the NHL with a loss, brought to him by the Sedins and Schneider. Great play Canucks, keep entertaining.