31 Aug 2012

Valerie Van Der Graaf is by far the sexiest babe you’ll see today!

Once again we’ve saved the best for last: say hello to Valerie Van Der Graaf, a new Dutch sensation who’s just too sexy for words. And perfect. Like, from head to toe and back up again. Hot damn, I was so jaw dropped when I’ve discovered a couple of photos of this peach several weeks ago that.. I almost started to believe in love at first sight and that’s pretty impressive, right?

Unfortunately we haven’t found any photoshoot of her back then but, luckily for you guys, today we’ve found not one, but two breathtaking sets of photos of this Dutch bombshell. Here’s Valerie Van Der Graaf looking like the definition of ‘ridiculously hot’ in sexy bikinis for Beach Bunny and.. in naughty lingerie for Agent Provocateur.

Now I’m not going to waste more of your time by stating the obvious like how perfect her body is and all of that stuff because I really think words cannot describe the sheer magnitude of uber sexiness that is in these photos so.. I’ll shut up and let you guys dive right in and enjoy the photos. One of them is slightly nsfw but it’s one of the hottest pics you’ll ever see. Cheers.