8 May 2017

Updated Dating Facts That You Need To Know

Millenials, sexting, Tinder…all of these are modern terms, some of us might know of them, some of us might not. There’s no shame in that. After all, millennials invent terms faster than we can say “bootilicious”.

Dating Facts

But in this fast-paced modern world, how much do you really know about dating?

Here are fast facts about the modern world of dating that you might be interested to find out!

Singles today get more easily turned off by texting on the first date.

Gone are the days when we take out our cellphone from our pockets and she goes “oooh…” Now, take out your phone from your pocket, even if it has wi-fi, she’ll get turned off. So what do you do? Turn off that phone or put it on silent whilst on a date.

More singles today get turned on if their prospective partner binge watches on television series they also watch.

Binge watching? What’s that, you say? Damn dude, you’ve been living under a rock. Binger watching means watching episode per episode of a television series. So whether that’s Game of Thrones or Stranger Things, then you better start watching bro!

Complaining on social media, specifically Facebook, is a huge turn off.

Need to vent? Whether it’s on politics, your annoying neighbor’s cat, or just the soggy fries you got from that fast food chain earlier during lunch, don’t take it out on Facebook!

Replace your cracked screen.

And finally, probably the weirdest thing for me in this list is the fact that women tend to judge a guy more negatively if he has a cracked screen. What if we just accidentally sat on it? Like I did to my glasses that other day? What does that even mean?

Oh well, dating just gets more and more complicated as time passes. But don’t worry, we’ll try to give you as much ground on it as possible.