18 Jan 2017

Upcoming Men’s Fashion Trends of 2017 Part 2 of 2

Hi my fashionable gents, here is the second part of the Upcoming Men’s Fashion post that I’ve promised you guys. Let’s see, as a quick recap, we have already featured three upcoming trends in the last post. These are punk, explore, and lighten up which basically means: punk colors and patterns, travel-inspired attire, and washed out colors.

2017 Men’s Fashion Trend

For the second part of this post, we are going to feature three more upcoming trends to watch out for this coming Spring and Summer 2017. Have fun!


These past fashion weeks in Europes have shown us a new trend of letting all your accessories just hang out. From belts, cords and straps attached to belt straps, waists, and even around your neck – everything is all just out there. While I personally would not recommend this style especially if you’re usually in crowded areas, because…hello?! You can might as well give it a try by sporting a really stylish fanny pack or something.


And just when you think bringing back punk from the dead is more than enough, we’re seeing nineties-inspired party wear coming back as well. We’re talking about MTV, pink pants, printed socks, loud-colored boots, everything that basically says “party like it’s 1999” is good.


And finally, the color of sunshine is going to be big according to fashion trend reports this 2017. And we’re talking about 50 shades of yellow here, not only the color of sunflowers. We’re talking raincoat yellow, rubber ducky yellow, lemon yellow, and all the different kinds of yellow in between. I’m running out of brilliant descriptions, I know. So sue me.

And there you have it friends. To sum up, for the adventurous kiddos out there, pop in a punk or party track on your old cassette player, and get into the mood of wearing fun colors and patterns – and oh, don’t forget to give priority to bright yellow while you’re at it. To those who are more toned down though, you can opt for washed down colors and travel-inspired clothing instead.