9 Jan 2017

Upcoming Men’s Fashion Trends of 2017 Part 1 of 2

Happy New Year! Now, before you start sipping your Holiday Mimosa, I think it’s also the perfect time to take a look at the fashion trends that we’re going to see (and honestly, also have to wear) next year.

Men’s Fashion Trends of 2017


It’s good news to all of those who are rather on the more adventurous side of things because punk is not dead, sartorially speaking. It’s either go big or go home with the different patterns that we’re going to see this upcoming spring and summer 2017. Also, it’s time to get that printed jeans out of the closet and let it enjoy the attention that it most certainly deserves.


This year’s trends is also going to be good for all you wanderlusts. Finally, a style that I can personally, manage to wear. From military-inspired bomber jackets, coats, shorts, comfy leather sandals and leather duffel bags, this is definitely the season to shop for travel-inspired clothing and gear.

Lighten Up

From the acid hot patterns and colors of punk, we’re seeing an upcoming trend for really light and washed out colors as well – probably to balance out street fashion. Can you imagine everyone wearing those strong punk patterns and colors? It’s like teleporting to the Harajuku district of Japan, most probably. Now, if you won’t be able to take the punk-patterned pants, then maybe the washed out tones of light flesh and pink may suit your tastes a little bit more.

Now since the space provided by this short article is not enough to sum up all the upcoming style trends next season, this is going to be a two-part post instead. Watch out for the second part of this series where we’ll feature even more upcoming fashion trends in men’s wear for Spring and Summer 2017. Who knows? If these styles don’t suit your personality, then you might just find something that speaks a little bit more to you in the next post. See ya then!