17 Oct 2017

The Ultimate Power Bank To Take With You On Your Next Big Adventure!

One of the major inconveniences during camping, or just plain traveling outdoors is the lack of electricity. While the whole point of getting outdoors (most of the time) is to be one with nature, we still would hate to miss our connection with the modern world – meaning we sometimes like to take our smartphone to take pictures and read ebooks, or our laptops to edit the stuff we just took or to send a quick email or to watch a horror film in the middle of the dark woods at night. Who knows what you want to do with electricity and technology while outdoors?

Also, a small fan would be nice to ward off the mosquitoes. Or to recharge your electric truncheon to ward off the bigger pests.

But how does one recharge all these things without an electrical outlet?

The answer is quite simple. Bring the electrical outlet with you. You might think I’m crazy, but I’m not joking. I am actually talking about the MyCharge Adventure Ultra, a power bank capable of doing all these things. If you think you already have a power bank, think again. It’s probably not as powerful as this one which can power small appliances on top of charging your phone, your camera, and even your laptop.

In fact, this power bank, which is no larger than your regular power bank contains four charging slots – an AC port, and three USB slots (1 C and 2 As). Aside from that, other features include ultra fast charging which is 65% faster charging compared to other power banks; rapid recharging which is 50% faster charging compared to the fast charging feature of other power banks; and finally it can hold its charge for up to one year of non-usage. Hence, you can simply charge it and stash it inside your backpack and forget about it until your next adventure!