7 Apr 2017

The Ultimate Car Gear To Pack On Those Long Drive Trips

Are you thinking of taking a road trip really soon? Are you not that confident that you would be able to assemble your tent and instead sleep uncomfortably inside your car, again? Or would you just want to park your car somewhere every once in a while during longer drives to catch a few hours of sleep?

Well you have come to the right place because we have found the ultimate solution for you.

The Car Hammock.

No, we’re not joking. This thing’s awesome. Unlike the regular hammock where you need a tree or some kind of elevated surface to tie it to, this hammock is designed to attach to the four points of your car’s roof so that you would be able to sleep on it. In fact, it is built to be able to accommodate the weight of two grown adults. All of a sudden, having sex in a car just became more adventurous yet more comfortable, right?

Maybe I should have a big van or something to accommodate that?

No, you don’t. It would fit any four-door sedan and SUV. In fact even smaller models could accommodate this hammock. There is also no need to worry about the set-up because the creators of this ingenious gear assured us that the entire installation would only take around five minutes tops. The only thing that I’m honestly thinking about though is the capacity of my car seats to recline and for how low – because otherwise, you would be bothered by the headrests poking your butt and that’s not comfortable, isn’t it? Otherwise, you would thank the hammock gods that they have given us this fun gear that is easy to fold and pack and store in your car compartment just waiting when you want to grab a quick snoozer. Plus it’s not that expensive too! Each hammock only costs $64 – a price any one can easily afford for the comfort that this gear could provide.