1 Nov 2017

Uh-Oh…Signs That You Are About To Get Laid Off

Losing work will always be tough whether you got fired or simply “laid off”. What makes it even worse is that it is almost impossible to prevent getting laid off. Once the decision has been made, it’s made. It’s important to remember though that most of the time, the decision is not personal. It’s purely business.

Laid Off

One thing that you can do though, is to prepare for it. Watch out for the signs and start looking for new career opportunities just in case. Don’t know what signs they are? Here are some of them.

Strange Vibe

There have been rumors that someone’s going to get laid off and coincidentally, right after the news, people start to look at you in a strange way. Conversations turning to whispers when you walk by. Suddenly your boss can’t make eye contact. And there’s nothing wrong with your face too. Not that anyone has discovered you’ve been sleeping with the boss’ only daughter. Uh oh. Better start polishing the old resume.

New World Order

There’s news around that there’s going to be a company restructure or reorganization, or that a new company is taking over yours. Colonization usually never works out great for the native inhabitants. It’s just normal for these new people to bring in people they already know and are comfortable working with. Hence, there’s almost always layoffs after these events.


You suddenly got demoted, or a major project that you’re currently working on has been put on hold “indefinitely”. Oh no. Suddenly you or your project is not that important to the company anymore. Not that it has anything to do with you or your project. It’s just that companies return to basics when business ain’t doing so well. Like a plant struggling to keep alive, it’s normal to shed some leaves to focus on the more important part – staying alive.

Remember though that sometimes there are even no signs at all. Laying off just hits you hard on the face, and you fall flat. Just keep this in mind: when in doubt, when your gut feels all flattery and you’re not comfortable with the way your career path is heading, there’s nothing bad about preparing for the worst. Update your resume and start looking for greener pastures.