10 Jul 2013

Uber sexy Sophie Vlaming totally makes us surrender

Hide your children, and your girl’s pics.. turn off your phones and intercoms, ’cause there’s a Dutch invasion on the way! After Roos van Montfort and Bette Franke took us by storm and got us squirming uncontrollably in our chairs, there’s a new sheriff in town. Her name is Sophie Vlaming, and she is truly beautiful while posing for the FreePeople new intimates collection.

First of all, it has to be said: this babe looks remarkably like a young Vanessa Paradis. Now, with that out of the way,  let the droolin’ begin; I mean, com on, what else is there to do when faced with such amazing sex appeal and uber cuteness?! If this is a stickup, and.. I think it is.. I surrender! Lock me up, and throw away the key! I’d sure love her as a cell mate..

A perfectly toned little body, sexy curves, long legs and beautiful blue eyes, asking you to.. well, asking you, and which of us could say no, right guys?! I know I wouldn’t! This peach oozes raw sexuality and I sure hope we’ll get to see her again soon. If you don’t believe me, check out these drool inducing photos of Sophie Vlaming below. Enjoy!