13 Oct 2012

Uber hottie Catrinel Menghia looking sultry as all hell

Alright mates, once again we’ve saved the best for last, to end this week in the most awesome way possible. Supermodel (and coincidentally my future girlfriend from Romania) Catrinel Menghia did us all a huge favor and showed off her perfect little body for the new lingerie and sportswear collections from Triumph, in a bunch of sizzling photos that I’m sure you’ll love.

Now I know that I’ve probably said a thousand times that Catrinel is one of my favorite supermodels in the world, but seriously, get a load of that ridiculously sexy body and tell me if I’m wrong. That awesome cleavage, and her killer legs, and her sexy booty, and her mind blowing mid section, and those sultry lips and mesmerizing eyes.. what’s not to love?

I know most of you don’t even bother reading this right now, so I’m going to stop gushing and let you guys enjoy the hell out of these sexy photos and.. the bonus video below. Yeah, there’s a bonus video as well.