29 Oct 2013

Uber cute Lais Ribeiro will redefine sensuality

Out for the night, the dark sexy queen returns. Coincidence? I think not! These chocolate flavored Brazilian supermodel curves would be more than enjoyable to keep me company tonight. Lais Ribeiro is here to stimulate me into having some kinky, sexy dreams because, you know, this peach that will totally make your day.. or night!

Nordstorm is responsible for this dose of hotness keeping me up tonight – and the next few days, probably. That sexy and almost perfect little body of hers will haunt you forever, but it seems a bit weird that this babe dresses up as the gallery unfolds. But this hoochie mama is looking her best, no matter what! Glad to see some ladies out there still understand what sensual means.

I really hate it when someone ruins my quiet dinner and chillin’ mood after a hard day’s work; but I welcome uber cute Lais Ribeiro to repeat this experience as often as humanly possible. Sure, it might be weird – since we get to see almost naked sex goddesses quite often – but Lais makes me melt into a puddle much more today that any other. She’s simply the definition of ‘hot’. Enjoy!