3 Apr 2013

Uber cool: ZeroEdge Fish Tank Aquariums

Aquariums are freaking cool in any home, but the ZeroEdge Fish Tank Aquariums are beyond that and will totally knock your socks off. The ZeroEdge aquarium is exactly what it sounds like, a rimless, open top fish tank that allows water to overflow and spill over the edges for a jaw dropping visual effect.

Since the overflow blends in with the glass you’ll think that you are actually looking at a square of suspended water. You don’t even have to worry about water at all because there’s a pump system in the bottom that will refill it as if you were looking at a water fountain. The size is 42 x 18 x 14 inches and the glass is made from ¾ inch thick material.

The price for this goodie? Almost $3k here but.. if you’re looking for the most awesome aquarium for your pad, it’s definitely worth every single penny.