13 Oct 2009

Tyra Banks showing off her body on the streets of New York

Tyra Banks

I’ve never seen the Tyra Banks show or any other tv show she hosted but I think any TV appearance of this uber sexy model is worth a look. I remember I’ve first seen Tyra a lot of years ago and I was completely obsessed by how stunning her body was in a lot of breathtaking pictures. Every time I was into chocolate I used to think of Tyra Banks and I was pretty upset she decided to focus more on TV than on modeling.

She might be 35 today but supermodels are always beautiful and incredibly hot and any new photoshoot with her is worth a look. Here we don’t have pictures from an actual shoot, we’ve got a couple of candids from New York during the making off of a new photoshoot with Tyra Banks. I’m a bit sad because she’s hiding that voluptuous body under a lot of clothes but even dressed up like this, Tyra is still a huge turn on.