7 Nov 2017

‘Twas A Month Before Christmas: Top Hotels For The Perfect Staycation

How are the holidays hustle and bustle? Not yet too stressful, I hope. Anyway, why don’t you join us for another “Twas A Month Before Christmas” article? Today’s article is aimed at lessening that holiday stress as well.

In my personal experience, the worst and most stressful Christmases of my life were those spent while traveling. Sure, they were also crazy fun, but the aftershock? All those tired muscles of carrying all those luggage (Especially when you’re traveling with a woman who doesn’t care how much clothes they bring. Yeah, I’m talking to you mom! I bet it’s even worse with children.). All those expenses – air fare is OVER THE CHARTS during the holiday season and so are food and lodging. All those people? It’s crazy how crowded places can be during the holidays. I would rather spend a stay-cation in a hotel. Sure it can still be a bit pricey, but there’s no luggage-carrying, no cooking, no dish-washing, and definitely lesser crowds. That’s my kind of holiday.


If you have the budget and you’re thinking of going all “Great Gatsby” with your lady, then might we suggest The Baccarat? We are talking about 60-feet barrel vaulted ceilings, crystal chandeliers (after all, it’s the French crystal brand who owns this place), and a grand indoor pool!

The Crosby Street Hotel

If you are looking for a hotel though that’s got more of an artsy vibe to it, then The Crosby Street Hotel is just the place! It’s got the best art collection as compared to all the other hotels in the city. Not only that, it is also famed for its quality service.

The Greenwich Hotel

Finally, if you really want to feel as if you’re out of town or better yet, out of the country, then The Greenwich Hotel is the perfect place. The décor is so cultural you’ll forget that you never even left the country! And guess what, so is the food!