9 Nov 2017

‘Twas A Month Before Christmas: Quick Pre-holiday Fitness Routine

There are a lot of factors during Christmas that can disrupt even the most effective fitness routines. Stress, lack of time to do pretty much anything, more hustle! Man, holidays are crazy. Whatever did we do to bring this kind of stress to ourselves? I’d like to strangle the guy who first imposed that Christmas should be hectic and stressful and expensive.

Quick Pre-holiday Fitness Routine

But, still a month away, I can see no reason why we need to let our fitness routines start deteriorating now, right? In fact, it’s better to sneak in a quick pre-holiday fitness routine in there just in case we lose track of our weight and eating habits during the holiday season completely. Because, FOOD! Let’s start.

The Workout

A couple of notes before we start. First, this routine would not require any special equipment. Yep, I made sure of that, so that we have no excuse to not do it. Plus, it can be done at home or any space where you’ll not feel awkward jumping around.

Thirty seconds jumping jacks

Thirty seconds robot planks (planking is only as effective as it is when all your muscles are tense!)

A thirty-second holding squat

Thirty seconds burpee long jumps

Thirty seconds pullover crunches

Thirty seconds burpee into jumping lunges

Thirty seconds close grip push-ups

And finally, thirty seconds of squats

How did you enjoy that? Here are a few final reminders. Remember to warm-up first before any intense physical activity like this. Be sure to check your form if they’re correct. If you’re unsure, better to consult a fitness expert first. And finally, be sure to consult your doctor first if you feel that your body is not fit to perform this routine.

Feel free to perform this every day, and all the way until Christmas and after if you want! Who knows? You might just meet your annual weight quota before the end of the year and you wouldn’t have to put “lose (this much) weight” on next year’s New Year’s resolutions.