5 Dec 2017

‘Twas A Month Before Christmas: Hottest Holiday Gadgets

I have heard an advice from one Youtuber that when they are deciding on what kind of gift to buy, they go through four rules: something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. I thought about those four rules when I was deciding on what to buy for myself this Christmas and this was my conclusion: I would buy a new gadget. That’s something I want, something I need (I can use it for work – that’s the reason I usually give myself when buying a new toy), something I could wear (hey, your gadgets are pretty much part of your attire right?), and finally I can read things on it. Nice. That settles it. I am buying one of these guilt-free!

Here are the hottest gadgets this season that I am setting my crosshairs on.

The Phone

If you were disappointed with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, then don’t worry because the Galaxy 8 promises to make it up to you. It’s got one of the best screens out there (smooth and borderless), the best camera, and of course, an impressively long battery life (especially given all the fancy things this baby can do!).

The Earbuds

Are you seated? Good, because this pair of earbuds might make shake your world. It’s the earbuds of tomorrow after all. We are talking about the Here One earbuds made by Doppler Labs. Are you in a crowded bar and just want to make a decent conversation with your friends? The problem is you can’t hear them, right? Well, what if I tell you that you can actually turn down the noise’s volume and increase the volume of your buddies’ voices? Think I’m kidding? No sir. That’s just how awesome this earbuds is!

The Television

And finally, if you want to buy something that the whole family can enjoy, then why not set your sights on a new TV? And we’re not just talking about any other TV, we are talking about LG’s “Wallpaper” TV. It’s got that name because it blends well with any wall. Say goodbye to bulky brackets, this guy is installed via stylish magnets. Not only that, it boasts of having an OLED screen which means Organic LED. This gives the screen the blackest blacks and the richest colors possible!