14 Nov 2017

‘Twas A Month Before Christmas: Helpful Online Shopping Apps

How is you Christmas spending so far? This November we have decided to create a series of articles called “Twas A Month Before Christmas” with the objective of preparing a bro before the holiday rush. And we are talking about all the different aspects of life – health, fitness, travel, fashion, even money!

This is practically a gadget article since we are going to talk about apps, but you can also treat this as a money article since it’s also about shopping. If you are already shopping for Christmas gifts, then you might want to check out our money article as well which is all about how to create a Christmas gift budget.

Once you already have that in set, then you are ready to shop! If you’re a typical guy though, it wouldn’t be too surprising that you hate shopping crowds as well. Hence, here is an easier less crowdy alternative: online shopping! And it’s even more convenient now that they are in app form, which means you can shop using your smart phone or tablet anywhere you are! Let’s start.


One of the best things a gentleman can give to another is the gift of knowledge – and you can do that with a book! And what’s best with Amazon is that you can find almost any book here, whether that be Mastery by Robert Greene or The Playbook by Barney Stinson. The website is awesome, but I always prefer using my app because it allows me to check my wishlists and purchase info on the go.


I know what you’re going to say. “ETSY? FTW DUDE. That’s for women!” I have a two-word reply for that: Not really. Etsy is a great place to find one-of-a-kind items. In fact, that’s where I was able to buy my handmade leather journal and my antique fountain pen. Plus, if you’re thinking of giving the lady a special personalized gift, I haven’t seen a better place to get that yet than Etsy. The website is easy to use but the app is great too. Plus, you can easily keep track of all your orders wherever you are, not to mention being able to directly message the shop owners. Pretty handy if you’ve ordered a personalized one-of-a-kind item.


Finally, there’s Gilt. Honestly, I have never used this as much as the other two yet, but the shop’s features are amazing. They have a WIDE range of products which include: clothing, home décor, even tickets to things! Imagine, being able to book a dinner reservation, buy a new tie, and give your lady a trip to the salon – all at the same cart! The bonus of downloading the app? There are pretty sweet discounts exclusive to app users. Nuff said.