17 Oct 2017

Trouble Prone Cars: 2017 Car Brands You Should Know About (2 of 2)

Hey there fellow car enthusiast! We are here back again to continue our two-part feature of the most trouble and accident-prone car brans and models. We have already listed a couple of them in the first part of this article series so if you have missed that one please be sure to check it out!

As what we have already mentioned in the previous article, the information that we are going to share with you today is from the WikiLender where they have used the Experian Autocheck to get the data of their report.


It is understandable to go for the big brands when it comes to buying a car, especially when you’re not really well-versed in the auto scene. So I’m not going to be surprised if a couple of you are thinking of driving home a BMW. After all, it’s a BMW for pete’s sake!

You might want to get your hands off of a BMW X1 though since it’s 12.7% of this model have been involved in reported accidents and another 5.3% in unreported accidents.

And let us not forget the BMW 4 Series with 11.5% of them have been in reported accidents already and a surprisingly 7% of them in unreported accidents. It seems like a lot of people who’ve been behind the wheel while getting into an accident were too embarrassed to report, huh?

Land Rover

Another big brand on the list is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. 10.9% of this car model have been in reported accidents while 5.6% are unreported accidents.


And finally, we have the Jaguar XJ, the only British car we’ve mentioned in the entire series. 8.2% of this model have been in reported accidents while 7.5% have been involved in unreported accidents.

Honestly, your own safety still boils down to how careful you are as a driver, and how careful other cars on the road are. Even if you’re driving the safest car in the world, it still wouldn’t matter if you’re a complete a-hole in the road.