3 Oct 2017

Trouble Prone Cars: 2017 Car Brands You Should Know About (1 of 2)

It is almost the end of the year again, and you know what that means? Yes, that’s right. It is also the perfect time to buy a new car released this year, because, as you know, they are cheaper towards the end of the year as car companies gear up for next year’s releases.

If you’re excited for a new ride, we are excited too! But please, step on the brakes first as we list down this year’s trouble-prone cars as well. You don’t want to drive these home now, wouldn’t you? Don’t worry bro, we’ve got you covered.


First on the list is Infiniti. Their Infiniti QX60 SUV is one of the most reported car to be involved in various accidents this year. In fact, 8% of this car model have been in reported accidents and another 5.5% for unreported accidents.

It is also important to note that the Infiniti JX has even bigger numbers. While it’s true that Infiniti JX is not being offered by the company anymore, having been replaced by the newer model, QX60, you can still buy one, probably not brand new. But before you do, just know that 9.3% of it have been involved in reported accidents and 5.4% of it have been in unreported accidents.


Another accident prone car on the list is the Lexus CT 200h. Apparently, according to our source, 8.7% of Lexus CT 200h have in reported accidents, and 5% for unreported accidents.

But there is another Lexus you should know about. It’s the Lexus RX350. A whopping 10.5% have been involved in reported accidents and 3/8% have been in unreported ones.

Stay tuned for the next list for more car brands and models. We have used the website WikiLender as reference where they have used the Experian Autocheck to learn their numbers.