13 Sep 2017

Tried And Tested Ways To FINALLY Quit Smoking

Wow, it’s almost the end of the year again. After just a couple of months, we will be saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018. How’s this year’s resolutions coming along? I hope that you are able to stay on track, but to those who have not accomplished some of their resolutions yet then don’t worry mates. The year is not over yet! You can still start that meaningful change, and that’s still one item off next year’s resolution list.

Quit Smoking

According to a survey done at the beginning of the year quitting smoking is actually one of the top items that people hope to accomplish this 2017. If it’s on your list as well, and you still have not gotten around to doing that, then here are three sure tips to FINALLY quit smoking.

Let’s get physical!

One of the best ways to get rid of the bad habit is to do something worthwhile when you’re the most prone to doing it. Medical research suggests that exercising is an effective way to fight off that craving since working out also lessens your stress, lift up your mood, make you feel better about yourself and making you less likely to grab a puff.

Share the journey online.

Another study points out that people who share their experience online gets more motivation and is more likely to become more successful in quitting smoking as compared to those who face this battle offline. Our suggestion? Why not join a like-minded group on Facebook so that it’s not only your friends who react, but also people who are going through the exact same process as you.

Download Quitpal on Playstore

Finally, we have stumbled upon a really helpful app called Quitpal. It is created by none other than the National Cancer Institute. It will help you keep track on how well you are doing, how much money you are actually saving by quitting, and even allows you to connect to social media.

We know how difficult it is to break free from a bad habit, smoking or not. But it is not impossible. Nothing is impossible.