3 Dec 2012

Triana Maida is new for us, and totally smoking hot!

Guys, don’t even bother asking me who Triana Maida is because.. I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that she’s ridiculously sexy and.. she sure knows how to fill a couple of sexy bikinis. Ok, ok, let’s see what a quick Google search tells us about this super hottie.

Apparently she’s a 23 year old Argentinean model with measurements close to perfection, who loves to show off her groovy little curves in skimpy outfits pretty often, exactly what we like at a model. She’s a freaking hottie and just after this one post I’m already considering her for our special list with the hottest girls we’ve discovered in 2012.

Having said that, here’s Triana Maida unleashing her hotness in a drool inducing photoshoot for Sabz swimwear that will surely make you remember this girl’s name from now on. Enjoy!