10 Jul 2017

Trade Your Suitcase For This Gorgeous Macbook Portfolio Document Organizer

One of the best things in the modern world is the existence of our gadgets and if I would be asked to name a particular brand, that I am absolutely thankful for that would be Apple. Thank the heavens for Macbooks and iPads and iPhones.

Macbook Portfolio Document Organizer

One thing that I don’t like about these gadgets however is the fact that they are quite fragile. You wouldn’t want to take them anywhere without any kind of protection – but you want this protection to be stylish as well. So without further ado…

…take a look at this gorgeous Macbook portfolio!

One of our researchers saw this piece online and showed it to me. I knew right then and there that I just had to share it with you, and let me share the reasons why.

You don’t need to carry a suitcase anymore.

This leather case is so convenient that you don’t have to carry a suitcase around for your documents anymore. I would suggest for you to keep most of your docs in soft copy form though if you still want enough space for your gadgets.

It’s stylish.

The material used is soft cowhide leather, and don’t worry about investing in this piece. The more you use it, the more it looks good. Nice and elegant, as it takes on a distressed look.

It’s spacious.

Here are but a few things that you can fit into this organizer: a 13” Apple Macbook Pro, an iPad Mini or a tablet just about the same size (which is up to 10inch x 7.47inch), your smart phone, three (credit) cards, keys, two cords, five pens, and a note pad.

You can order this beauty at Savage, and while you’re there you might want to check out their other goodies as well. I’ve seen their accessories and fashion items all over Pinterest and Instagram, so you know that they’re fit for the fashionable gent within!