6 May 2014

Totally hot Megan Fox pays us a visit

So… Here’s the world’s sexiest woman, Megan Fox, prancing around in some really sexy outfits and looking ridiculously hot in the process. Actually, this particulary photo session is from back in 200, but we’re still damn thankful to Elle for choosing or favorite babe as their featured star. Every inch of her body looks as if she’s screaming for me.. I wish!

It’s been a while since we last posted a couple of pictures with probably the hottest celebrity babe, Megan Fox, but it’s OK.. she’s here now! Take your time and feast your eyes on some sizzling hot pictures, savor them and enjoy that unique feeling this drool inducing woman induces: a bit of desperation mixed with complete and utter inebriation. Wow!

Megan Fox looks freaking sexy in these pictures or what? Not that I was expecting anything less from her but hot damn she has one hell of a tight body. Every guy is almost speechless when they’re watching these pics.. except me: I’ve got a question. What’s with those weird thumbs of hers? They look totally freaky and hint on Megan being from another planet, or species. Which would only sound about right, since she’s totally sexier than any inhabitant of Earth! Enjoy the pics!