22 Mar 2010

Top10 Sexiest Soccer WAGs

I’ve seen several lists with the hottest WAGs from all kinds of sports and probably every mens entertainment site has to come up with a list like that at least once for its precious readers because all men love wags. Wags are probably one of the reasons we started to play a certain sport when we were just kids because we’ve all seen that famous dude who played some sport and besides being really successful he dated some of the world’s most beautiful chicks.

When you’re successful in a sport, you can be average looking, you can even be pretty dumb and some of the sexiest babes would still fall for you. Since my favorite sport is football or as Americans call it : soccer I’ve decided to make a list with the top10 sexiest soccer WAGs that will leave you gawking and drooling in the same time.

10. Alena Seredova

Alena Seredova 1

Alena Seredova won the Miss Czech Republic title back in 1998 and soon after she finished on the fourth place at the Miss World competition. This obviously got her a lot of fame and she quickly started to appear in a lot of mens magazines showing more or less of her delightful body. But her popularity went even higher after she married Italy’s best goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon who surely has great taste in women. Alena is currently working as a TV host in Italy and besides a lot of modeling work she owns a clothing line with her husband called Baci e Abbracci.

Alena Seredova 1 Alena Seredova 2 Alena Seredova 3 Alena Seredova 4 Alena Seredova 5 Alena Seredova 6 Alena Seredova 7 Alena Seredova 8 Alena Seredova 9

9. Bianca Kajlich

Bianca Kajlich 1

Bianca Kajlich is an American born model and actress but she’s half Czech and half Italian and probably due to her European genes she went on to marry a soccer player, Landon Donovan. Bianca was featured in Maxim’s hot 100 list twice which is just enough to tell you how hot she is. She currently stars on CBS comedy Rules of Engagement but she also appeared in a lot of other tv shows. Now, the hard part: Landon married this smoking hot girl back in September 2006 but in December 2009 the couple had an amicable split.

Bianca Kajlich 1 Bianca Kajlich 2 Bianca Kajlich 3 Bianca Kajlich 4 Bianca Kajlich 5 Bianca Kajlich 6 Bianca Kajlich 7 Bianca Kajlich 8 Bianca Kajlich 9

8. Lorena Bernal

Lorena Bernal 1

Lorena Bernal was born in Argentina but moved to Spain when she was just a child. Her impressive beauty took her to fame in 1999 when she was crowned Miss Spain and with that a lot of magazines wanted her on their cover. Probably every soccer player from Spain wanted to date her but the lucky one was Mikel Arteta. The couple married a couple of years ago and besides modeling, Lorena also does some TV work and she even appeared in CSI: Miami once.

Lorena Bernal 1 Lorena Bernal 2 Lorena Bernal 3 Lorena Bernal 4 Lorena Bernal 5 Lorena Bernal 6 Lorena Bernal 7 Lorena Bernal 8 Lorena Bernal 9

7. Aida Yespica

Aida Yespica 1

Aida Yespica is so sexy it hurts and, just like other girls from this list, she competed in her country’s Miss competition. It happened back in 2002 in Venezuela but even though she didn’t win it, her career went up like a rocket and she graced on the covers of GQ and Maxim. She moved to Italy where she also started a career in TV besides modeling and she started dating Matteo Ferrari. The couple now has a baby and this babe followed Matteo at his new team in Turkey.

Aida Yespica 1 Aida Yespica 2 Aida Yespica 3 Aida Yespica 4 Aida Yespica 5 Aida Yespica 6 Aida Yespica 7 Aida Yespica 8 Aida Yespica 9

6. Oksana Andersson

Oksana Andersson 1

Oksana Andersson is a Russian born Swedish model with a perfectly shaped body that would leave any man drooling. She was initially a dancer for a sort of electronic music group but amazing look was quickly appreciated and she started a career in modeling appearing in FHM, Maxim, Nuts and many more. She was even a reality Tv contestant on the Swedish version of Paradise Hotel and for a couple of years she’s the girlfriend of Swedish player Christian Wilhelmsson.

Oksana Andersson 1 Oksana Andersson 2 Oksana Andersson 3 Oksana Andersson 4 Oksana Andersson 5 Oksana Andersson 6 Oksana Andersson 7 Oksana Andersson 8 Oksana Andersson 9

5. Ilary Blasi

Ilary Blasi 1

Ilary Blasi is for years one of the hottest Italian women and also one of the sexiest WAGs in the world. She’s the better half of Francesco Totti which is also one of the most popular soccer players from Italy. Ilary started her career by appearing in her first role on TV at just five years old and as she grew up and became hotter year after year she also started a modeling career. Currently she’s a TV host for a hit show in Italy and she also appears in a lot of funny ads with her husband.

Ilary Blasi 1 Ilary Blasi 2 Ilary Blasi 3 Ilary Blasi 4 Ilary Blasi 5 Ilary Blasi 6 Ilary Blasi 7 Ilary Blasi 8 Ilary Blasi 9

4. Federica Ridolfi

Federica Ridolfi 1

So guess what? We’re still in Italy with another amazing babe who got in our list: Federica Ridolfi. This girl gained most of her fame by being the daughter of a popular Italian actor but her stunning body was surely important to make her popularity go even higher. This babe was a dancer, showgirl, model and she also appeared in a lot of Italian TV shows. She’s currently engaged to Giuliano Giannichedda and I honestly don’t have a clue who he is even though I’m pretty updated with soccer news. He’s probably an average player but if he landed this gorgeous girl he surely gained my respect.

Federica Ridolfi 1 Federica Ridolfi 2 Federica Ridolfi 3 Federica Ridolfi 4 Federica Ridolfi 5 Federica Ridolfi 6 Federica Ridolfi 7 Federica Ridolfi 8 Federica Ridolfi 9

3. Sylvie van der Vaart

Sylvie van der Vaart 1

Back in 2003 Sylvie van der Vaart was elected the sexiest Dutch female and since she was the most popular babe from that Holland she made a smart choice by starting a relationship with one of the most promising football players, Rafael van der Vaart. Her modeling career was going great and she surely managed to bring the best out of Rafael who became better and better and soccer and started playing for some of the best clubs in the world. He’s now at Real Madrid and she currently turned her attention to television hosting.

Sylvie van der Vaart 1Sylvie van der Vaart 2 Sylvie van der Vaart 3 Sylvie van der Vaart 4 Sylvie van der Vaart 5 Sylvie van der Vaart 6 Sylvie van der Vaart 7 Sylvie van der Vaart 8 Sylvie van der Vaart 9

2. Cheryl Tweedy

Cheryl Tweedy 1

Probably everyone knows who Cheryl Tweedy is and how gorgeous she is. Amazing is simply not enough to describe her beauty and not only she has a perfect body and looks incredible in any occasion but this babe is also probably the most successful babes from UK. She sings pretty damn well and she’s also a Tv personality as a judge on the reality show the X factor. For years she was featured in all kinds of lists with sexiest/most desirable women in the world and in many, many mens magazines. She was married to Chelsea defender Ashley Cole and her name was once Cheryl Tweedy Cole but the couple decided to divorce last month after that idiot cheated on her. How could you be that stupid? You’re married with one of the hottest and most successful babes in the world and you cheat on her? What an idiot. His loss, fair game.

Cheryl Tweedy 1 Cheryl Tweedy 2 Cheryl Tweedy 3 Cheryl Tweedy 4 Cheryl Tweedy 5 Cheryl Tweedy 6 Cheryl Tweedy 7 Cheryl Tweedy 8 Cheryl Tweedy 9

1. Abigail Clancy

Abigail Clancy 1

And, we kept the best for number one and we’re talking about British sensation Abby or Abigail Clancy. This babe actually became famous for being a WAG back in 2006 when she appeared in British headlines for being Peter Crouch’s girlfriend. Since then, her career has taken off and she has officially become queen of the WAGs. A lot of mens magazines wanted her on their cover and Peter Crouch was envied probably by everyone for her. He’s weird looking and he even said once that if he wasn’t a footballer he would have been a virgin so probably the fact that he’s a successful football player got Abby’s attention.

Abigail Clancy 1 Abigail Clancy 2 Abigail Clancy 3 Abigail Clancy 4 Abigail Clancy 5 Abigail Clancy 6 Abigail Clancy 7 Abigail Clancy 8 Abigail Clancy 9 Abigail Clancy 10 Abigail Clancy 11 Abigail Clancy 12 Abigail Clancy 13 Abigail Clancy 14 Abigail Clancy 15 Abigail Clancy 16 Abigail Clancy 17 Abigail Clancy 18