23 Oct 2017

Top Ten Television Series To Watch This Fall

Watching TV has greatly changed these past few years, but for the better – that much is certain! Shows have grown in quality (just take a look at Game of Thrones), and we have more choices than before (thanks to Netflix). In fact, we don’t even need to watch out for them in time slots anymore. We can binge watch them when we want to which makes it more awesome for the couch potato monsters inside of us.

In this light, here are the top ten television series we are watching out for this fall!

10. The Deuce

Okay, let us start this list big. How big? James Franco big. As he plays two characters (they’re twins!) in this new HBO TV series, The Deuce.

9. Star Terk: Discovery

Hello trekkies! Sorry, I’m not a “trekkie” myself. Is it that obvious? But here’s something we can all agree on. Watching Star Trek: Discovery.

8. Will & Grace

Here’s something light, since all of us deserves a good laugh every once in a while. Our favorite gang is back! I can’t wait!

7. Family Guy

And because we are already in the subject of laughing, here is another hilarious show to look forward too. I will binge watch this and rewatch this again and again for sure (much likes all its past seasons). Adam West fans would also enjoy watching his last appearances in the show, before he passed away earlier this year. RIP Adam.

6. Criminal Minds

Wow, season thirteen. We were all left hanging towards the end of season twelve. We can only hope that this “unlucky” number would prove itself to be lucky after all when we learn who of our favorite characters survive after all.

5. American Horror Story: Cult

Starting up the top five is a perfect show to watch this season, since it is also coincidentally, Halloween! Ryan Murphy is back with another scary and controversial season of the American Horror Story. I know, whether you enjoy this show or not varies widely on the personal tastes, but we can be sure of one thing – each season, each episode, is very well-written. And just down-right creepy. Perfect for those who crave the scare.

4. Fear The Walking Dead

Speaking of creepy, here’s another one in the slightly same horror theme, Fear The Walking Dead, the companion series for the (bigger) franchise, The Walking Dead.

3. Gotham

To open the top three is Gotham. Now, here is a series I am personally super excited about. Gotham returns with the rise of The Riddler and Don Falcone’s daughter, Sofia.

2. Stranger Things

Honestly, we really can’t choose which of these last two to put on number one so consider them a tie. The only reason why Stranger Things is in number two? The seniority of TWD, and they have a tiger.

1. The Walking Dead

They have a tiger. And Jesus. And it can’t get any more epic than that. In fact, we have prepared an entire list of all the top scenes you need to rewatch before this latest season of TWD so be sure to check that out as well.