1 Mar 2017

Top Ten Studio Ghibli Movies That Every Man Should Watch

There are animated films that are just plain childish, but the recent animated masterpieces being released by different studios like Disney and Dreamworks just prove that there are certain animated films that are not really meant for kids at all. In fact, some of them handle pretty serious stuff that it’s hard to label it as a kid-friendly film. Studio Ghibli is one studio who is known to produce the BEST animated films that the world has ever seen, and like what we have mentioned, a lot of them are not entirely kid-friendly. That is, if you consider enlarging raccoon testicles a movie fit for a five year-old girl.

Join us as we list down the top ten Studio Ghibli films that every man should watch.

10. Grave of The Fireflies

To start the list, we have Studio Ghibli’s premier anti-war film. While Howl’s Moving Castle shows anti-war sentiment as well, it doesn’t really show it as effective as Grave of The Fireflies. Warning, get your tissue boxes ready, though, because this film can certainly bring out the tears – even form the toughest of men.

9. Only Yesterday

It is much like Eat Pray Love, but I’d argue about the romantic part. While other viewers might consider both films romanticizing traveling and the joys simple living, I personally think that Ghibli aimed to do something more than that – something that you would only understand after watching the film.

8. Porco Rosso

Another anti-war film by Studio Ghibli, only this time, it’s not just all about the drama, it’s one very straightforward view of war itself. It shows that men are turned into pigs by war, and it includes pretty awesome fight scenes!

7. The Wind Rises

There were some negative reviews about this film when it was released but this will always be one of my top Studio Ghibli films of all time. Why? Because there were a lot of awesome flying scenes. And of course, this is supposedly Hayao Miyazaki’s final film so he really poured a lot of heart into it.

6.  Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind

Nausicaa is that kind of movie that will take you on a wild rollercoaster ride. This is actually one of the first few films that we are seeing Miyazaki’s talent – so he’s basically setting up the standards of his work, thus explains the epic battle scene in the film.

5.  Howl’s Moving Castle

Half way through our list we have the badass Howl of Howl’s Moving Castle. The insanely powerful wizard of this movie and his moving castle will surely take your breath away in every scene.

4. My Neighbor Totoro

This is an absolute classic and you will never get to call yourself a real Stugio Ghibli fan without watching this. And while you might think that it’s a bit childish already – don’t let yourself be fooled. It’s just amazingly subtle in its darker themes.

3. Pom Poko

The movie that shows that you are not a real man, unless you have shapeshifting and expandable testicles. Just kidding. But that is exactly what makes this film unique – the testicles! Aside from that, though, the real masterpiece lies in the perfect formula of the entire film: the balance between love, hate, life, loss, and tragedies.

2. Spirited Away

While Chihiro is obviously the lead character of the story, she would not have survived everything she had been through if it weren’t for the awesome Haku. Spirited Away is a real must-watch and it’s also one of the best animated films of all time.

1. Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is indeed one of the best movies that Studio Ghibli has ever done. In my opinion, overtaking the quality of this movie will be a pretty hard feat. We are talking about gods, demons, a wolf girl, a really hot (and totally respectable) antagonist – and let us not forget Ashitaka and his viciously violent cursed hand.