2 Aug 2017

Top Ten Spy Films Of All Time

The latest Kingsman movie is getting us here at Brosome all pumped up! It’s got the best of all worlds! The fashion selections are impeccable. The soundtrack is great. The jokes are witty. And the weapons, oh my God, don’t even let me get started on the weapons.

Hence, I thought that going with the bandwagon would be great today and write about the top ten spy films of all time!

10. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Of course, it’s not a big surprise where we’re going to start. Let me start this list big by mentioning Kingsman straightaway. Using the Arthurian legend as a theme is also very smart. I like that mythical and literary touch.

9. Burn After Reading

The Coen Brothers is known for their great casting and witty writing. We’re talking about Brad Pitt, John Malcovich, and George Clooney, no less. Plus, this is a perfect movie to watch with the lady, or you know, a bro, just new to the genre. Talking about a watcher-friendly spy film…

8. Brother Grimsby

HOW CAN I NOT INCLUDE THIS SPY FILM?! I mean, this is a canon. Mark Strong. Mark Strong’s balls. Elephant jizz. Heroine. And Penelope Cruz on top of all that. Who knew these would be the perfect ingredients to one of the most hilarious yet unbelievable spy films of all time.

7. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Okay, enough of the jokes. It’s time to get really serious. Just be warned, this film will be most appreciated by true espionage film fans. This is actually a condensed version of John le Carre’s literary classic back in 1974, which I suggest, for you to read as well. The film, after all, no matter how great it was, did not really fully capture the essence of the novel.

6. The Lives Of Others

Still continuing with the serious note we have The Lives Of Others, where we get a dystopian feel of the world as we get to watch the surveillance missions being done by the Stasi, or the German Democratic Republic secret police.

5. Zero Dark Thirty

Here’s a little more modern, one that any American could relate to. Zero Dark Thirty. Plus, I believe it’s just high time to include an incredibly intelligent lady lead in the list. Zero Dark Thirty follows the real-life hunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, and let me tell you, every scene will make you hold your breath!n

4. The Third Man

Here’s a special entry. Let me tell you, if only the others beyond this point were not more popular, I would’ve named this 1949 film as the top spy film in this list. So to those who have not heard of this film yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. You’re welcome. What makes this movie so special? The director, Carol Reed, insisted to shoot on a real post-war site. The script was written by Graham Greene, a real British secret agent. Needless to say, it has perfected the formula of a legendary spy film.

3. The Bourne Trilogy

I am going to do a little cheating here. I am going to include all the Bourne movies in one number. Let’s be practical, if we’re going to include all the Bond films individually, then I might as well make a James Bond movies list, right? Hmm…wait. That sounds like a great idea. Maybe for another time. Anyhow, the Bourne trilogy has got to be one of my of most favorite spy films of all time. Why? Because it’s practical. No gadgets. No special effects. It’s realistic. Like it could happen in real life, right in front of you, as you’re strolling in the park. That’s what makes it even more exciting!

2. Mission Impossible Films

I guess all those stunts without doubles paid off in the end because Tom Cruise and his alter-ego Ethan hunt will forever make their mark in espionage film history as one of the best fictional spies of all time.

1. James Bond Films

Come on, I bet you guys have guessed it anyway. There’s still no spy more epic in film history than the king itself whose name is Bond. James Bond. Cue music please!

By the way, as a parting note, if this list was not enough to satisfy your cravings for the secret service, then I suggest that you pick up a  book about Dusko Popov, a triple agent during the World War II who inspired Ian Fleming’s James Bond. That, and maybe get a copy of these films for the ultimate spy film marathon.