12 Sep 2016

Top Ten Sex Positions For Stronger Orgasms!

Let’s face it, sex isn’t complete without the lady reaching her climax. Sometimes, it could even be emasculating if her big O seems a bit forced, or worse, faked. The thing is, a lot of the sex positions that we love are not that stimulating to the female anatomy. Fortunately for us, though, missionary is not the only position for letting a lady reach orgasm. Here are the top ten sex positions that’ll get her there. For real. Enjoy!

10. Modified Coital

We all know that ladies get it off by being stimulated in the clit as well, right? Well in this position, you can do exactly that. You must start in a missionary position, and then get both of her legs in between yours. Once done, move a bit forward so that your shaft can also stimulate her clitoris with light friction as well.

9. Standing Position

Now I don’t know about you guys, but this position is actually dual purpose. First, gravity helps a lot for the penetration and friction. And second, it boosts masculinity as she sees how strong you are to be able to carry her and pound her at the same time.

8. Shake That Thing

Seemed to have tried almost everything but still no O? Sometimes, it comes with some due rest. Pull junior out and let him rest for a while. Put him on top of the clit and wiggle him until he stimulates himself – and the clit. Double the fun!

7. Giving Some Back Loving

This is only for those who are brave to explore these regions. Get into the missionary and get the girl to push or assist you while pumping. You can also ask her to do some awesome butt massages because those are always relaxing and interestingly stimulating.

6. Opening Clit

Sometimes we really need to do is to expose the little guy. The clit can be shy at times, with its face all buried in that mass of female fantasy. But, you can help it out by opening up the lips a bit with your fingers. Then after, you can decide which position is best with the open clit.

5. The Butterfly

Here is one of the easiest sex positions you can do yet still ensure that she’s going to climax. The Butterfly is done by letting the lady lie down near the edge of the bed. The guy then, while standing, penetrates her. She must then put her legs on the guy’s shoulders and tilt a bit upward. In this way, the lady gets a lot of stimulation inside while also being deeply penetrated.

4. The Tabletop

Kinda like the butterfly only this time, instead of the bed, the lady is on top of a table, or a desk, or even the counter top! You can even make it more exciting by putting a bunch of  (non-pointy and non-fragile) stuff on the surface for you guys to just fling everywhere in the heat of it all.

3. Holding The Rod

Wait, just because we are talking about female orgasm here, doesn’t mean that we can’t join in the fun. After all, our erection is vital in keeping her nice and happy, right? You can do so by letting her form a ring using her fingers then pulling down your skin down below. In this way, the penis gets more sensitive, and it’s double the fun!

2. The Seated Scissors

Because any position with the woman in control and also while she’s on top is awesome. We put the Seated Scissors in number two. In this position, the lady sits on top of the guy with one leg to the side of his hips and the other one in between his legs. And you already know what happens next: grind, grind, grind!

1. Open Sesame

Finally, here’s the most exciting part. The last item on our list – the Open Sesame. This is kinda like the Tabletop, only that instead of putting the girl’s legs on the guy’s shoulders, the guy would be holding her by the ankles and spread out. What’s the magic word? Open Sesame!