30 Aug 2017

Top Ten Nuts You Can Ever Taste

Amongst all the plant based food families available, nuts contains both protein and fat. We are not just talking about any fat or protein but the sort that will surely help you to be healthy when you incorporate them in your diet responsibly. But putting all that health related mumbo jumbo aside, it is already and established fact that nuts are not only nutritious but also a tasty food you can have all day.

No matter what you can never go wrong with nuts. You can have it as part of your delicious meal, or your favorite cold sweet endings, or better yet a handful of it for lunch. Regardless the type of nuts you are having, you will surely enjoy every piece of it. And with that same spirit, here is a list of the top ten of the known flavorful nuts that you ought to try.

10. Peanut

This nut is probably the most common amongst all the nuts in this list. However what truly set this nut apart is the fact that it has the highest amount of Reservatrol a potent antioxidant that you can find in red wine and dark chocolate. Not to mention, this nut has a humble sort of flavor profile that is like a blank canvass that can blend well with any kind of dish.

9. Hazel Nut

Ah yes! Hazel nut, the very nut that owns a unique flavor profile and aroma that can actually wake you up in the morning. Well for starters, it blends well with the chocolate spread that we all love to put on our breakfast toast. And lastly, this enhances our coffee drinking experience in all possible depth of sensory enjoyment.

8. Cashew

If you want another tasty alternative to olive oil, then you can go ahead and try to extract the oil from this nut. Not only that it is tasty but it also contain the same superbly healthy sort of essential fatty acid called oleic acid that you can find in olive oil.

7. Macadamia Nut

Flavorful, juicy, and decadent. Those are the three words that can amply describe this Polynesian nut. Although it has a high fat content, considering that the fat that you are going to intake in your body is palmitoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that is responsible for reducing or metabolizing body fat. Then I would not mind having it any time of the day.

6. Brazil Nut

This delicious oversized nut is probably the most nutritious candy staple that you can ever stumble upon. It has high density of Zinc that helps your body fights cold and flu, selenium a mineral that promotes the production of disease fighting antioxidants inside our body.

5. Pine Nut

Just like peanuts, pine nuts have a subtle yet powerful flavor profile that is flexible that you can put in any dish that you like, turn it into paste like pesto, or simply roast a handful and you have a tasty snack.

4. Pecan

This nut is more than your regular holiday pie companion, but a nut that is filled exciting flavors that are quite aromatic and tasty.

3. Almond

This is not amongst its peers is what most considered to be the most popular. After all it is loved by millions globally due to its unique crispness, impeccable scent, and flavor that goes well with anything.

2. Walnut

Walnut, goes without saying a top class nut in terms of healthiness, flavor, texture and finesse. It is even considered to be a super food that can help you achieve a youthful disposition in every piece due to its overwhelming amount of essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

1. Pistachio Nut

This nut is probably the most soulful nut you can ever taste. The whole experience of eating pistachio nuts is so fulfilling from the crisp sound of peeling off its skin, its sweet smell, its appetizing green color, up to the crunchy explosion that you will experience once you put it in your mouth.