6 Jan 2017

The Top Ten New Year Resolutions That Any Gentleman Should Make

Here is the third New Year Resolutions list that we’ve listed this month. Let’s see…we’ve written one for health buffs, another one for geeks. This time around, we’re writing the ultimate 2017 New Year Resolutions for guys – one that any gentleman should make.

a gentleman New Year Resolutions

10. Give up

Wow. What a highly motivational phrase, right? Give up. But it’s not really what I meant. What I mean was to get rid of everything that’s been dragging you down the past year. Have schmucks that only pull you down? Do you have any unnecessary commitments? Give them all up. It’s a new year and make the most out of it.

9. Replace a bad habit with a good one

Too much alcohol or caffeine in your system? Does your sleeping habits suck? Then replace them with new and healthier habits. How about FINALLY quitting to smoke and this time meaning it. The technique? Reward yourself big every single time you accomplish a goal, even if it is, just a baby step. Who cares?  It’s a valid reason to splurge on a bottle of vintage, or a new pipe (pipe smoking is a healthier hobby, after all). Any gentleman treat that would make you feel more manly.

8. Improve your vocabulary

Speaking of good habits, remember the thing that Russell Crowe does every morning in the movie, The Nice Guys? He reads a “word of the day” every day and try to use it in a sentence. You could do that too. There are email subscriptions and apps that do just that. Or better yet, watch a period series like Game of Thrones of Downton Abbey. That would do the trick.

7. Dress more stylishly

When was the last time you bought a new suit? Or a new tie? Or put on a tie clip? Feel like a million bucks by looking like a million bucks. Invest in the best things that would represent you to other people.

6. Work more efficiently.

Speaking of dressing up, dress the part as well. What difference would it make if you’re just a bum, even if you are wearing a suit. This year, work more efficiently. Note that I didn’t stop at the phrase “work more”, because working is NOTHING if it’s not quality work. Focus on the amount of work that you’re doing today (or apply for one if you’re a worthless bum), and strive for a better, higher quality output.

5. Learn to prioritize

Vito Corleone always believed that a man is not a real man if he doesn’t value his family. Hence, this year, learn how to prioritize. Spend your time more wisely. Lessen the time you waste binge watching television series or past MMA fights. Instead, make more time for your family, for the lady, for your kids, and most of all, your bros.

4. Get that girl

Have you been eyeing that girl for quite some time now? Are you sure she’s single? Are you really a hundred percent sure that she’s a girl (you know, physically and emotionally speaking)? Then what’s keeping you from dating her? Go get her, tiger.

3. Be more physical

Being busy at work is never an excuse to limit your physical activity. Enroll yourself to a gym or commit to a workout and start cranking. Engaging in a new sport would be awesome as well, as long as it doesn’t involve a board or a deck of cards – those don’t count!

2. Read a new book every month

Pump up your game by reading more this year. And I don’t mean the email subscription that you receive from that men’s magazine every week. I’m talking about real books. We’ve made a couple of lists last year on how to build your own gentleman’s library. If you haven’t done that yet, then now is the right time to start.

1. Learn  a new skill

There are a LOT of life skills that every gentleman must learn like how to smoke a pipe, or start a fire, or speaking French. Learn a new manly skill this year and make an effort to make use of it this year. Have a good one!