24 Apr 2017

The Top Ten Fastest Cars In The World Right Now

Having a great need for speed lads? Well, this top ten list that we have you today is perfect for you. Take note that that everything that we are going to feature today will talk only about one thing and one thing only: The fastest cars ever built.

So with no further ado let us go satisfy your cravings for hot and speeding cars with our top ten list.

10. Aston Martin One-77 (220 Mph)

Jaw dropping exterior meet beast like sports car speedy maneuver, that is the core idea where this awesomely hot speedster is developed. If you are looking for a classy way of satisfying your hunger for speed this is the car for you.

9. Pagani Huayra (230 Mph)

Outstanding and outrageous  speedy performance that beats any racing car. That is what Pagani Huayra is all about, with its smooth acceleration capacity, you will never go wrong with this car.

8. Zenvo ST 1 (233 Mph)

This high performance super car from Zenvo  is famous for generating a top of the class horse power amounting to one thousand one hundred four;  which can easily reach a speed of 233 miles per hour in a jiffy.

7. McLaren F1 (241 Mph)

Three seating capacity and center drive design is indeed a true super car wonder.  This super car is not only one of the finest speedster ever existed but also one of the coolest.

6. Koenisegg CCR (242 Mph)

Although it comes from an older generation of its brand, this super car does not fail to impress by being oneof the super car series that can levelly compete with McLaren.  This super car has a 4.7 liter V8 that is equipped for a heavy duty racing.

5. SSS Ultimate Aero (256 Mph)

This super car is designed not only to impress but to provide optimum speeding capabilities. From its aerodynamic exterior up to its powerful engine, it only says one thing: it is designed for people who love speed.

4. 9FF GT9-R (257 Mph)

Technology meets one hundred percent beast like speeding performance. 9FF GT9-R is one of the cars out there that will help you reach your full driving potential whilst encouraging your need for speed.

3. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (268 Mph)

It may look simple but this baby is like a rocket ship or a speeding jet plane on race tracks.  This super car can change your speed from zero mph to sixty in only a matter of approximately two point four seconds.

2. Hennesey Venom GT (270 Mph)

Turbo charged super car performance partnered with an outrageous horse power capacity, this new comer amongst super car have already climbed up to the pinnacle of fastest cars in a jiffy. Anote worthy performance like no other.

1. Koenisseg Agera R (273 Mph)

And yes the fastest super car ever recorded yet. This car needs no elaborated description. Just listen to its engines rumbling and its sleek interior and exterior design, you will know instantly that you are in for a ride of your life.