23 Aug 2017

Top Ten Most Efficient Blades In History

Over the years we humans have been so fascinated with the use and the idea of weapons. Just like any tool in your garden, kitchen or your personal workshop, weapons have been with us and have been part of our own culture regardless of the country and place of our origin. But amongst all kind of weapons ever created, it is still those bladed weapons that proved the perfect balance of elegance and precision with utmost killing grace.

In honor of this beautiful bladed weapons, we have created a top ten list of the most efficient and gracefully deadly bladed weapons that are wielded by the manliest and skillful warriors of all time.

10. Urumi

Urumi is a traditional bladed weapon formed from the hybrid of battle whip and sword. It is created as a deadly defensive weapon with a 360 degree range, and a flexible offensive lashing action that can hit multiple targets.

9. Zweihaender

One of the recorded great sword or probably the largest of great swords ever created. They are famously used by Germanic and Swiss warriors of the old. This swords used primarily against halbergs, pikes, spears, other close quarter siege weapons.

8. Madu

This bladed weapon is not even fashioned to be a weapon in the first place, but rather a tool for self defense by ascetics and mendicants of Islamic and Hindu faith to defend themselves from dangers of the wild. It was first designed with two animal horns connected by a crossbar. However, due to its crude yet effective design, Madu is later developed with steel horn like double edged blades, with a small buckler protecting the steel crossbar handle.

7. Scissor

This bladed weapon is quite an unusual weapon, and are known to be used by a certain form gladiators that are named after the weapon itself or it’s the other around? But what I am certain is that it is designed to slash and mince your enemy to pieces by wearing its tubular handle on your weapon hand whilst waving it like a fist weapon.

6. Kakute

This weapon is probably the most discreet of all bladed weapons in this list. Well for starters, this weapon is fashioned as a finger ring with small sharped spikes that you can use to hit certain pressure points in your opponent’s body causing fatal injury

5. Katar

This is probably the most deadly and efficient fist weapon that was ever created. Well for starters, Katars are designed as a creative hybrid of fist weapons and sword. At first you would assume that it is single bladed, however as you successfully punctured the body of your opponent there is a switch in the weapon that allow it to split into several double edged blades cutting the insides of your enemy like a scissor.

4. Khopesh

This sickle like sword, almost identical to Arakh used by the Dothrakis in the novel series – A Song of Ice and Fire Series written by George R.R. Martin. Although this bad ass bladed weapon is used by the ancient Egyptians as a hybrid of battle axes and swords. This ancient bladed weapon is so deadly precise in the battlefield that it can behead an enemy on horseback in a sudden contact and was used by Egyptian elites as a symbol for social status.

3. Haladie

This bad ass double edged and double bladed knife is designed for multiple stabbing and unlimited slashing in a dance of death. This bladed weapon is famously used by Rajputs the Samurai equivalents of India. If you see any Rajput drawing a Haladie, expect that your survival rate would be as slim as a twig.

2. Katana

This sword goes without saying as one of the most effective, durable, and sharpest bladed weapon ever created. It is built for both offensive and defensive battle that can mutilate any enemy in the swiftest deadly slash.

1. Pinuti

This sword is probably one of the most versatile and deadly sword and bladed weapon ever made for it can be used for farming and killing by Filipinos during the occupation of foreigners (Spanish, American, and Japanese) of their native land. Pinuti, got its name from the way underground Filipino warriors guised as farmers ritually clean and sharpen this bladed farming implement until it turned into a clean, shiny, and gracefully deadly sword that destroy their enemies in a single swing.