24 May 2017

Top Ten Most Daunting Assassins In Anime Yet

In my own opinion assassins are some of the character type in anime universes that epitomizes coolness and awesomeness. It is like an anime universe lacking assassins is sometimes perceived to be quite a dull story (well not all the time since there other anime universes that is quite impressive itself without assassins targeting their protagonists).

However in today’s top ten list we shall endeavor in showing to you some of the ten greatest anime assassin characters that have made watching anime a wonderful thing.

10. Kojiro Sasuke (Assassin class servant) in “Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works”

A hero at heart that stays in the shadow that can reach tremendous levels of technique that can destroy even irregularly strong opponents with his master class skills in swordsmanship.

9. Nico Robin in One Piece

Before she was a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, she was a world class wanted criminal that can eliminate her target by sprouting several numbers of her hands within her targets body and destroy them.

8. The Legendary Manslayer Kenshin Himura

Before he was a repentant travelling swordsman, as we all know he was a known imperial manslayer known as Battousai that is only armed with his swords and his mastery of the Hitten Mitsurugi Ryu a Way of the Sword that is also understood as the “Speed of the Dragon” that employs God like speed that can kill multiple opponents in a single stroke.

7. Claire Stanfield in Baccano

A former train conductor turned to an insane blood thirsty killing prodigy that is so skilled that he can kill all passengers of a train in a single feat of blood thirst.

6. Uchiha Itachi the Slayer of The Uchiha Clan

As we all know this guy is not only born in the most powerful elite clan in the Hidden Leaf Village of the Naruto anime universe but he is also born as a prodigy in the Way of the Ninja. He is so good dedicated in Konoha and to his brother Sasuke that he can kill his entire clan with his advance Sharingan and take the mantle of a traitor to protect what everyone that he love.

5. Tao Pai Pai in Dragon Ball

A skilled martial artist assassin that dared to kill a saiyan although defeated but shown great prowess and even thought the young Son Goku a lesson or two which is a s we all know not an easy feat.

4. Hei in Darker Than Black

A so called “Contractor” that is cold and accurately calculative in finishing every target in the most beautifully, efficient and gruesome manner.

3. Illumi Zoldyck the elder brother of Killua

The twisted and manipulative son of a b*tch that can kill you with his tormenting and devious needles that can either control you as a living meat puppet or distort your body in the most painfully hideous manner.

2. Akame in Akame ga Kill

Known to be a one shot female death squad, she can kill you with a single stroke of her poisonous master class sword.

1. Golgo 13 the classiest of them all

No one beats the classic almost James Bond like Golgo 13. If John Wick was sent to kill the Boogey Man he was the one hired to destroy the Boogey Man that’s how good he is.